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VSW Film Series Fall 2015
Programmed by Tara Merenda Nelson,
Curator of Moving Image Collections

Saturday, October 3 8 pm
Amanda Dawn Christie
Dividing Road Maps by Time Zones: Ten Years of Moving Pictures, 1999-2009
Toronto-based filmmaker Amanda Dawn Christie presents a program of
films reflecting a decade of her restless growth as an artist. Working in
both 16mm and super 8 film, she moves between techniques such as hand
processing and optical printing to layer images and explore experiences
and memories of her past. Filmmaker in attendance, Projected in 16mm,
Super 8 and Video.
$5 Suggested donation

Saturday October 17 2 – 6 pm
13th Annual International Home Movie Day
Films can be dropped off for inspection beginning at noon
Home Movie Day is a worldwide celebration of home movies and amateur
films, and provides an opportunity for communities to see and share home
movies while learning how best to care for them. Bring your own home
movies into VSW, and trained film-handlers will inspect all films and project
them before a live audience. We can screen most film or video formats,
including Super-8mm, Standard or Regular 8mm, 16mm, VHS tape, DVD,
and Quicktime compatible digital files. Films can be dropped off from noon
to 2 p.m., with screenings continuously happening from 2 pm to 6 pm in
the VSW Auditorium.
Free and open to the public

Saturday October 24 8 pm
Mike Morris presents Hybrid Cinema
Dallas-based artist Mike Morris combines film and video projection with
single channel works to create a unique, contemporary cinematic language.
Using 16mm film, analog video, digital audio, and interactive software,
Morris blends imaging technologies to create hybrid systems that address
the tension between archival and ephemeral forms of moving images.
Artist in attendance, Projected in video and 16mm
Suggested donation $5

Friday November 6 6 pm – 11 pm
First Friday Multi Media Event
Bill Daniel: Tri X Noise Photo Exhibit and Book Release
Launching his latest book, Tri X Noise, artist, photographer and filmmaker
Bill Daniel presents a one night “pop-up” show of black and white
photographs documenting his participation in American underground
subculture over the past 30 years. Included in the exhibit are images from
the Texas skate punk scene in the 1980’s, graffiti art in San Francisco in the
early 90’s, adventures on freight trains, and documentation of countless
art shows and film screenings from the basements and backyards of the
American counterculture movement.
This event will also feature live performances from local bands The
Drippers, Pengo, Matt Wellins and Martin Freeman.
Artist in attendance, Suggested Donation $5

Saturday November 7 8 pm
Who is Bozo Texino? by Bill Daniel
Visiting artist Bill Daniel presents his 2005 independent documentary, Who
is Bozo Texino?, a chronicle of his search for a mythic rail graffiti artist. The
project is the result of a 20-year study of “monikers,” and is fabricated
from hours of 16mm and super 8 film, most of it shot on freight trips
across the western US. Who is Bozo Texino? is a film on the 100-year-old
tradition of hobo and rail worker graffiti, and includes interviews with
some of the railroad’s greatest graffiti legends.
Filmmaker in attendance, Suggested donation $5

Saturday November 21st 8pm
12th Annual Animation Fest from Squeaky Wheel
Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Arts Center presents their 12th Annual
Animation Fest, Transforming Vision, a family friendly program curated by
the staff at Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo, NY. Featuring many traditional and
non-traditional animation styles, this program of short films highlights
emerging and internationally known animators, such as The Brothers
McLeod, Daisy Jacobs and animation legend, Vince Collins.
Suggested donation $5

VSW Film Series 
Fall 2015
VSW Film Series
Fall 2015