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FourMats (installation series)
16mm, Super 8, 35mm slides, digital video

FourMats is a series of four media installations, each using four distinct formats to construct a single image (16mm film, super 8 film, slide film and HD video). When the unified image created by each sculpture is projected on the gallery wall, the unique visual qualities of each format become startlingly apparent. By juxtaposing moving-image formats with still images to compose a looping “light painting”, these works also confront the temporality of media-based works of art. Each subject in this series was chosen for its iconic familiarity as well as formal orientation, using classical perspectives of composition: The Kodak building in Rochester, NY (vertical), the banks of lake Ontario in winter (horizontal), railroad tracks in Chili, NY (vanishing point), and the surface of the moon (the golden spiral).

*Please note: The Railroad Tracks piece has not yet been digitized. It was shot in December, 2017