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Super 8 on 2 projectors, 16mm on one projector

IN VERSE playfully explores concepts of inversion in light and sound.
Projected with two Super 8 and one 16mm projector
A negative and a positive figure emerge side by side, contained within their respective frames. As the film progresses, the figures become aware of the frame around them, and curiously investigate the wall that separates them from each other. The third image of a cat flickers in and out, watching their game.
The score for IN VERSE is composed by artist Matt Wellins, and consists of three different techniques for presenting audio inversion:

“The first technique is "musical inversion" - using Baroque-influenced species counterpoint to present contrasting, inverted melodic lines on opposite sides of a stereo field.

The second technique is "spectral inversion", which entails taking a variety of sampled spoken and musical material and inverting the frequency spectrum, so that their harmonic make-up is presented right-side-up and upside-down.

The third technique is "amplitude inversion". This approach flips the amplitude peaks of an audio source to create a phase-cancellation effect in space, making the overall piece reveal different qualities depending on where the listener is positioned. " - MW

Tara Nelson - Super 8mm
Gordon Nelson - 16mm
Matt Wellins - Sound